Samia Mahfuz


Samia is the classic secret home chef. At her house she cooks up the most amazing dishes for her two hungry boys and well rounded husband. If you've ever been on Ambrose street and smelt yummy spices in the air, that probably was Samia's cooking! Here's your chance to try her delicious dishes as she creates some of her best at Tenchef.

She comes from Bangladesh where good food is a really big thing. Every family has some special recipes that are close guarded secrets! And every event in life is celebrated with some kind of a meal that is specific for that event. For example, weddings must have biriyani, a rainy day must have Khichuri (which is rice cooked in turmeric based sauce), you've absolutely go to have duck bhuna (duck curry with a fragrant mix of spices) at least once when the winter sets in...

At Tenchef Samia plans to introduce to the islanders to some of these special dishes - some that most people know and some that only people from that part of the world would know about.


Samia's cooking schedule at Tenchef