About Tenchef

Tenchef started from a need.

A need to find authentic cuisine from local, home chefs. We were tired of restaurant food, we needed variety and we needed food that was authentic - the way it would be cooked at home. We felt that in a country like Canada, with so many newcomers coming from all over the world, there should be a way to taste the unique variety of food and cuisine that's cooked in our very own neighborhoods everyday. 

We started out with a mission to make that possible. Then we realized the huge barrier to entry home chefs encounter trying to bring their products and services to market. Regulations, licenses, marketing, online platforms, the huge investment in setting up a restaurant, delivery, the list goes on.

With so many barriers most home chefs don't have the resources to actually launch a product, let alone open a restaurant. This is how Tenchef started, we wanted to create a platform where we take care of everything and the home chefs just do what they do best - create awesome and delicious food.

With this mission in clear sight, Wahid and Vaughn started out setting up the platform. They found kitchens to rent, insurance that fits, obtained the necessary food licenses, setup the online platform... and then COVID hit. That stopped everything.

They kept the dream alive though and with continued research, patience and determination they're here to present Islanders with a new way to do take-out. 

A healthier, more unique option for food lovers looking for variety and one-of-a-kind flavour journeys is here. 

CBC covered us on our first day of operation on their PEI Compass show.


Join us as we introduce PEI to new creations brought to you from cultures all over the world.

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