Moumita Sarker


Mumu is a home-cook chef who cooks food for fun. She makes the most delicious dishes and sweets. She has always been creative from her childhood, looking for any reason to combine and experiment with food taste. Since then, she has always wanted to do something with her passion, and she is very hopeful that with Tenchef, her dream comes true! She grew up watching her Mom, grandmother, and aunt cook a lot. Back in her home country, her friends loved her food and went to her house without any invitation. And after coming to PEI, she also won her colleague's and friends' heart with her magical taste. She is an adorable girl who not only loves to cook but also loves to feed people. So, here's your chance to try her yummy dishes as she makes some of her best at Tenchef.

Mumu comes from Bangladesh, where food rules the heart. Bengal has been famous for its food and cuisine ever since the establishment of civilization in the landscape of gluttons, made up of Bangladesh's sovereign state. Bengalis are called foodies. They boast of their rich cuisine and food culture. No matter wherever they go or live, they stick to their traditional food habits and the menu. From street food to home-cooked food or even in restaurants, you will find various types of delicacies to fulfill your hunger.

At Tenchef, Mumu proposes introducing the islanders to some of these unique Bengalee dishes - some that most people know and some that only people from that part of the world would know about.