Dwitya Rulhadi (Tya)



My name is Dwitya but friends and family call me Tya.
I was born in Sydney, Australia but grew up in Indonesia where my parents originally come from. Growing up, my mom always made amazing dishes at home and made everything from scratch. I even helped her with her small catering business at home which was used to be very busy during Ramadhan. Cooking has always been my passion, so I went to the Culinary school and pursued my career working in various kitchens in Indonesia. I've worked as a cook in several 5 stars hotels in Indonesia and also in Qatar where I met my husband and where my 2 beautiful daughters were born. 
Being in Canada, I always miss my Indonesian foods, the real ones. With the limited sources to find the spices I always try to make the best I can for my family. And they love my cooking!
With Tenchef I'd like to introduce the delicious Indonesian food of my home to the Islanders. Many Canadians are not familiar with Indonesian cuisine so I'll try my best to give you a taste of real Indonesian home cooking. Just like my mom used to make for me. 
By the way, I also love Korean foods, and make them at home sometimes. I can call myself a foodie because I love to try many kinds of food from around the world.  



Tya's cooking schedule at Tenchef