Diana Gomez


Cooking not only has to do with preparing food, when you cook your ancestors make themselves present, your history is revived and your culture is manifested. This is the way of thinking of Diana, born in Mexico City and lover of the Mexican gastronomy. 

Since she was a child she learned to cook from her mom. Following her passion for cooking, after finishing her major in Social Anthropology, Diana studied several courses in Mexican traditional cuisine, bakery, pastry and Anthropology of food, knowledge that has allowed her to share some of the recipes from the traditional Mexican cuisine here in PEI and bring with her a little piece of her culture through gastronomy.

Diana says that in Mexico, food is the glue that binds everything together, and she wants to invite you to try some of her traditional flavours. On this occasion she would like to share one of the most popular flavours of the Mexican street food, Carnitas Tacos.