Carissa Barbour

Food has always been a comfort thing for us. Great food and good times. When you cook food for others and they enjoy it, it's such a rewarding experience that I am very grateful and excited to be a part of.
As the designated family cook, I get to take what I've learned from working in the restaurant industry and bring it home. This can and has resulted in a few interesting recipe twists and creations, along with a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen. 
A small bit about me, I have too many interests from music and sailing to crafting and gold prospecting. It's always been a dream to start my own bistro, made from the love of good food and the desire to know my family's traditional European foods. The Island has so many delicious, traditional foods and I put my own twist on them. 
With the desire to start my own restaurant but the Covid pandemic standing in my way, as well as the financial risks involved, it was impossible to envision the opportunity of doing so. Tenchef's platform and creative ideas have breathed life into my dream of bringing great food to great people. 
Cari's cooking schedule at Tenchef