Arieza Handayani

I come from another beautiful island from far away - Bali, Indonesia! And I came to this beautiful island in 2005. 

My life has always revolved around good food and cooking. I graduated from the most prestigious Hotel School in Bali in 1989 and later on became a culinary instructor at the same Hotel School for 15 years. During my teaching career I was selected for a year instructor exchange program at the Den Haag Hotel School in the Netherlands and in 2002 I participated in a similar exchange program at a 5 star Hotel in Fukushima, Japan.

During my splendid time in Japan, I fell in love with Japanese cuisine! I loved to try all kind of Japanese food and was very fond of how food was always presented in a beautiful way there. I loved the fact that every dish was made with very fresh ingredients.

When I moved to Charlottetown, I worked at various restaurants in the city. I am very excited about Tenchef and how this gives me the opportunity to share my favourite dishes - Japanese from my professional life and Balinese food from childhood. I hope you will like them as much as I like making them!