Akin Kayisoglu

"I am an islander by choice and have been calling PEI home for more than ten years now."

I sold food in the farmers markets on different occasions and also operated Xanadu Restaurant at the Yacht Club. Originally, I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Although a favorite tourism and food destination for Europeans, it is relatively unknown in North America. Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and this is also reflected in her cuisine. It is usually less spicier than Asian cuisines and richer than European  ones. We make use of many herbs, garlic, olive oil and fresh vegetables. Yogurt and doner (original of donair), dolma, baklava are names of Turkish origin. We have a large range of meals from kebabs (read kabobs) to seafood, from olive oil cold meals to dough meals, sweets as well as many vegetarian options. 

I will cook for you different meals every week and I hope each one of them will be a sensation on your taste buds.


Akin's cooking at Tenchef