Ghost Kitchens Offer Customers New Tasting Experiences, Delivered to Their Door

The concept is fairly simple - by offering access to an inspected kitchen, chefs and want-to-be restaurant owners have a chance to test their recipes and hone their skills before making the large upfront investment of opening a restaurant.

It's a logical process, and one that benefits multiple parties. Customers get to taste yummy food, some of which they may never had tried before, and chefs get experience while earning income for their hard work.

The model is picking up steam and startups are quick to take advantage of this. What seems like an obvious connection, in hindsight, is now slowly becoming the norm for every day customers to try new and exciting foods found right in their neighborhoods.

Ghost kitchens, or dark kitchens are disrupting the restaurant industry and Tenchef is eager to provide quality tastes alongside top-notch service. We'll help you share your gramma's recipe with the world.