Kelsey's Cocoa Bombs
Kelsey's Cocoa Bombs

Kelsey's Cocoa Bombs

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New Valentines day theme luxury hot chocolate bomb. An interactive sweet treat that's exciting to make and delicious to drink cup!

Comes in a box of 2. Comes in box with a red ribbon bow (like the picture)

Delivery: Usually delivered within 48 hours of order or with event meal orders if ordered together. 

Pickup: Pickups are every Thursday and Friday 5 pm - 6 pm 


Semi sweet chocolate
Milk chocolate hot chocolate mix
Tutti Fruitti mini marshmallows

Place the hot chocolate bomb in a large mug
Slowly poor 3/4 cup of hot milk or water over the hot chocolate bomb
Watch the magic
Add milk to taste
Stir and enjoy!



Authentic flavours cooked by home chefs

We know you care about authentic food made with the best ingredients. So every Thursday and Friday we bring home chefs in to cook authentic meals made from scratch using fresh ingredients. This is not restaurant food, this is a unique food experience where you get to try the food the way it was meant to be served.

About the Chef who is cooking this meal


I've always been creative, looking for any reason to make a mess or get my hands dirty. I grew up watching my grandmother and mother bake a lot. I always looked forward to helping them and doing it on my own someday.


I started my first job at 14 making candy apples, cotton candy and other treats. Since then I've always wanted to start my own business and I'm in the early stages of making that dream come true!