Chef Chevron's Homemade Jerk Sauce

Chef Chevron's Homemade Jerk Sauce

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This Chef Chevron's secret and delicious jerk chicken. Made from scratch with all natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives this is a unique sauce that will make your chicken, beef or pork bbq a superstar. It’s made with no dairy or gluten ingredients.


To prepare meat, fish or vegetables using Chevron's Jerk Sauce you must apply a generous amount to the dish until there is a solid coating. Rub or mix the sauce into the meat, fish or veg and allow to marinade for at least 1 hour. Once marinated cook the dish to your liking


Authentic flavours cooked by home chefs

We know you care about authentic food made with the best ingredients. So every Thursday and Friday we bring home chefs in to cook authentic meals made from scratch using fresh ingredients. This is not restaurant food, this is a unique food experience where you get to try the food the way it was meant to be served.

About the Chef who is cooking this meal


Hi, I’m Chef Chevron! I'm here to serve you flavours of the Bahamas and Jamaica. I have been in culinary my entire life, I started cooking when I was 5 years old under the guidance of my grandmother and mom in their restaurant and catering company.

Now I am here to share my recipes with my new home of Prince Edward Island.